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Alia’s Strong Warning to Ortom, Akume, and Suswam: Stay Out of Administration



The Governor of Benue State, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia, has issued a stern warning to his predecessors, urging them to refrain from meddling in his administration.

Speaking to journalists upon his return from the USA in Makurdi on Friday, Governor Alia made it clear that he will not tolerate any attempts to disrupt or undermine his governance.

Alia asserted, “I will not permit any individual, whether a former governor or a civil servant, to distract me. If you have served your term and have nothing constructive to offer Benue, it’s best to stay silent and let the current administration function.

“Criticism is welcome, but ensure you have your facts straight. You had your time in office, now let this government do its job without interference,” he emphasized.

According to Alia, during his recent visit to the USA where he was invited by the USA Peace Institute along with nine Northern Nigerian Governors, discussions were held on addressing the security challenges facing their states.

“The focus was on efforts to repatriate displaced persons, a critical issue for me. I have spent the past eight days promoting the state and improving its reputation,” Alia stated.

He expressed his commitment to transforming Benue into a model state that others can learn from and emulate.

“Previously, Benue was not on the national map, but we are working to change that. Our goal is to create a secure environment for farming activities in various areas of the state,” he added.

Alia urged citizens to be vigilant and collaborate with security agencies to maintain peace and security.

“Each individual plays a role in ensuring security. Do not succumb to any pressures to betray your people or your land. Work together with law enforcement to safeguard our communities,” he urged.