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Concerns Raised Over Growing Presence of Herders in Adamawa State



Authorities in Adamawa State have been informed about a significant increase in the number of cattle herds moving into Shellenge, a local government area located to the south of the capital city, Yola.

The Peace Architecture Dialogue (PAD), a non-governmental organization focused on promoting peace, highlighted that these herds have migrated from Borno State due to insecurity issues and are now perceived as potential security risks in their new habitat.

With an estimated count of around 15,000 cattle, PAD emphasized that the presence of such large herds has escalated tensions between farming communities and herders in an area that has historically witnessed conflicts between the two groups.

During a press briefing in Yola, Vidon Jaule, the PAD Chairman in Adamawa State, urged for the necessity of deploying additional security personnel in the local communities to prevent potential conflicts.

He emphasized the importance of encouraging collaboration between farming and herder communities to address crises and underscored the role of increased security presence in deterring criminal activities in the region.

Jaule also urged the government to prioritize the establishment of more police outposts in areas prone to farmer-herder conflicts in the seven local government areas of Numan, Lamurde, Demsa, Guyuk, Mayo-Belwa, Girei, and Shelleng as an early warning response mechanism.

Highlighting the longstanding issue of inadequate police presence in these seven LGAs, Jaule advocated for the implementation of state policing and enhancement of security structures at the local level to ensure community safety.

Since 2014, PAD has been actively working towards fostering harmony between herders and farmers in Adamawa State.