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Enyimba’s Goalkeeper Olorunleke Aims for Maximum Points against Katsina United



Olorunleke, the captain of Enyimba, emphasized the importance of clinching a victory against Katsina United, asserting that the team is fully prepared to achieve their objective.

Expressing his confidence, Olorunleke told Enyimba’s media, “We are geared up for Sunday’s match against Katsina United. The rigorous training sessions this week have readied everyone for the game.”

“The team spirit is high, and we are anticipating a composed game because we understand the significance of the task ahead and are approaching it with utmost seriousness.”

The People’s Elephant will host Katsina United at the Enyimba International Stadium in Aba on Sunday, aiming to further solidify their position in the table with 52 points.