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Gov Ododo emphasizes determination to eradicate criminals from Kogi



Reaffirming his administration’s commitment, Kogi State Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo stresses the resolve to eliminate criminal elements from the state.

During the unveiling of new operational vehicles for the Kogi State Vigilante Service in Lokoja on Friday, Ododo reiterated this commitment.

He announced the provision of these operational security vehicles, marking the initial phase of a larger plan to enhance safety and security across the state. This initiative is a crucial response to the recent increase in criminal activities in some areas.

Emphasizing the importance of security measures, including the Metropolitan Quick Response initiative, Ododo stated that these steps are essential to maintaining a secure environment and building upon the existing security framework created by the previous administration.

Recognizing the need for continuous evaluation of the state’s security situation, Ododo declared unwavering determination to uphold law and order, emphasizing that defeating criminal elements is a top priority.

Expressing appreciation for President Bola Tinubu’s dedication to addressing security challenges nationwide, Ododo reiterated the state government’s full support for the President’s efforts.

Ododo assured that Kogi State is fully committed to collaborating with the President to combat security threats effectively and swiftly bring criminals and their supporters to justice.

Highlighting the strategic significance of Kogi as a gateway state, Ododo acknowledged President’s support in ensuring the safety of residents and their property throughout the state.

The intensified campaign against criminals will involve all communities, aiming to provide round-the-clock response through a coordinated effort between vigilante groups and conventional security agencies, enhancing intelligence gathering and response efficiency as a pioneering model for community policing in Nigeria.