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Lamindo Criticizes Northern Governors’ US Trip, Questions Understanding of Nigerian Constitution



Sule Lamido, a former Governor of Jigawa State and prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has criticized the recent trip of Northern governors to the United States, suggesting that it reflects their lack of understanding of the Nigerian Constitution.

Expressing his views on his official Facebook page, Lamido raised concerns about the purpose of the Northern governors’ visit to the United States, where they attended a peace summit organized by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Lamido remarked, “The Northern governors traveled all the way to the United States of America to attend a lecture at the American Institute for Peace titled ‘ADVANCING STABILITY IN NORTHERN NIGERIA’, aiming to address the ongoing security challenges in their states.

He further added, “Their apparent lack of awareness regarding the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which grants them the legitimacy and authority as Governors, was glaring during this visit.”

“While addressing issues within the Exclusive Legislative List such as security is essential, the governors should also prioritize pressing local matters within their purview, like agriculture and healthcare,” he continued.

Lamido pointed out, “The neglect of basic needs like clean water, education infrastructure, and poverty alleviation by these governors raises questions about their commitment to addressing security concerns that stem from societal neglect.”

Questioning the necessity of the trip, Lamido emphasized, “Engaging in a costly international journey to discuss security issues, when resources and expertise are available locally at institutions like NIPSS and ASCON, seems wasteful and misdirected.”

He also criticized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NIA for their role in approving the governors’ trip, attributing the lack of guidance to the perceived misstep.

Concluding his remarks, Lamido reflected on the broader state of affairs in Nigeria, expressing concerns about the challenges of maintaining sanity in a seemingly chaotic environment.