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Long queues at Kwara fuel stations as scarcity hits the state



Reports from Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, indicate a severe fuel scarcity.

A recent survey in Ilorin revealed that only a handful of filling stations were serving motorists.

As a consequence, lengthy lines of vehicles have re-emerged in the state capital.

These queues are accompanied by exorbitant fuel prices set by the limited number of stations selling petrol.

The cost per liter varies between N625 and N650 for major marketers, and N750 to N1,000 for others, based on their location.

Those outside the capital city are facing even higher prices, reportedly exceeding N1,000 per liter.

Transport operators have reacted by hiking fares due to the arbitrary fuel price hikes.

Previously affordable short trips within the state capital, priced around N100 to N150, now cost N200 and more.

Efforts to contact officials at the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Ilorin by NewsNow were unsuccessful at the time of this update.

Conversely, a station manager informed NewsNow that there is a shortage of supply from NNPCL, the primary importer of fuel.

He mentioned they were anticipating the commencement of petrol distribution by Dangote Refinery in the near future.