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Meeting Between Tinubu and Bill Gates in Saudi Arabia



During the World Economic Forum Special Meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, President Bola Tinubu had a meeting with Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and a renowned philanthropist. They engaged in discussions about the importance of technology in the modern world.

In his statements, Tinubu highlighted his administration’s focus on investing in technology aimed at promoting transparency, accountability in government, and enhancing public-sector performance in serving the Nigerian populace.

He stressed that technology serves as a powerful tool against corruption and financial misconduct within public service.

Expressing his firm dedication to implementing reliable technology to support initiatives like a national consumer credit system, Tinubu acknowledged the resistance that often arises when efforts are made to strengthen systems and prevent malpractice.

“Technology stands as a barrier to fraud, corruption, and irregularities. Our efforts in technological advancements have been continuous,” said the President.

Recalling his utilization of technology during his tenure as governor of Lagos State to boost the state’s revenue, Tinubu shared insights on how he improved tax collection and data utilization to create an efficient tax system for the state.

Mr. Gates, in his remarks, informed the President about a unified technological platform for identity management that can consolidate diverse data sets. He emphasized the critical role of data harmonization in effective planning, security, and tax optimization.

“We are collaborating with Mr. Wale Edun, the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, on digitization efforts. Previous attempts at identity management before your tenure were fragmented with various identification systems,” Gates explained.