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NSCDC arrests four Chinese nationals for illegal mining in Nasarawa NSCDC arrests four Chinese nationals for illegal mining in Nasarawa



Operatives from the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) have apprehended four Chinese individuals for partaking in unlawful mining activities within Nasarawa State.

The arrests occurred at an unauthorized mining location in Karu Local Government Area, a place where lithium is illicitly traded.

A statement released by NSCDC’s Public Relations Officer, Babawale Afolabi, on Saturday revealed that these arrests were a result of deploying specially trained personnel as Federal Government Mining Marshals.

Afolabi emphasized that the team is dedicated to cracking down on illegal miners who are detrimentally affecting the country’s economy.

“Subsequent to the induction of specially trained NSCDC personnel as Federal Government Mining Marshals, the team has stepped up efforts to suppress illegal miners who are undermining the nation’s economy,” stated Afolabi.

The Mining Marshals, with a newfound determination, sprang into action based on reliable intelligence and discovered an illicit mining site involved in the sale of lithium in the Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

“During the targeted operation, the team apprehended four Chinese nationals who, upon initial inquiries, confessed to operating an illicit site dedicated to lithium trading,” Afolabi elaborated.

The Mining Marshall Commander, Attah John Onoja, mentioned that the seized minerals were confiscated in accordance with Section 146 (b) of the Minerals and Mining Act, 2007, attributing the Chinese nationals’ arrest to their non-compliance with an interrogation request.

Onoja outlined the intention to file a petition in court for the relinquishment of the impounded lithium minerals, with the proceeds to be remitted to the Nigerian Federal Government.

He informed that preliminary investigations uncovered the disposal of minerals without the requisite licenses.

Furthermore, Onoja disclosed that the detained suspects had confessed to their wrongdoing, acknowledging that they lacked the necessary certifications or licenses for engaging in the trade of solid minerals.

The alleged perpetrators, under the guise of HOSAN AGRO-ALLIED COMPANY LTD, a company registered for agricultural purposes, admitted to the offense and disclosed their absence of valid certificates or licenses for solid mineral transactions.