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Olorunleke is excited for the return of Enyimba fans for the clash against Katsina United



For Enyimba goalkeeper, Ojo Olorunleke, the presence of fans in the stands will serve as a major source of motivation for the team as they prepare to host Katsina United in Aba on Sunday.

Having played their last three home matches in an empty stadium due to disciplinary actions following fan misconduct during the Doma United match, the title holders managed to secure victories in all three games.

Olorunleke is confident that the return of the fans will bring an additional boost to the team in their title quest.

Expressing his anticipation for the fans’ comeback, the goalkeeper expressed his gratitude for their support and emphasized its significance, stating, “We are thrilled to have our beloved fans back to cheer us on because their support is invaluable to us.”

“We truly missed their presence, so their return this Sunday to support us is a tremendous morale booster. Their encouragement is unmatched, and we are excited to have our supporters watching us play on Sunday,” he added.

“As always, they will undoubtedly be amazing, just as they have been in the past. We are eagerly looking forward to Sunday, and I am confident it will be a successful day for us,” Olorunleke concluded enthusiastically.