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Opposition to State Police by Suswam, Former Benue Governor



Gabriel Suswam, a former Benue governor, has expressed concerns about the establishment of State Police in Nigeria, stating that granting governors such powers would have negative consequences for the country.

He emphasized his reluctance to support the idea of governors controlling a Police Force, citing potential risks to national security.

In agreement with the Inspector-General of Police, Suswam highlighted the immaturity of Nigeria for State Police implementation.

He raised apprehensions about potential misuse of power by governors, especially in dealing with political opponents, if they were given control over state police.

Suswam pointed out the authoritarian tendencies of governors in local government elections as evidence of their dictatorial behavior.

Reflecting on past experiences with Native Police in Northern Nigeria, Suswam warned against the excessive use of power that governors could exert with control over a state police force.

While acknowledging the potential for positive use of state police by some governors, he stressed the likelihood of misuse and resultant crises.

Expressing concerns about recruitment challenges and the quality of personnel selected for state police, Suswam emphasized the risks associated with employing individuals with criminal backgrounds.

He advocated for community policing as a more decentralized approach to enhancing security and recommended empowering local communities to monitor and report suspicious activities.

Suswam called for improved funding and modern equipment for the Police Force as a more effective measure to combat crime.

He urged the National Assembly to carefully evaluate the concept of State Police and prioritize national interests over governors’ demands.