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Prediction: Man City Favored to Win EPL Title with Arsenal’s Victory



According to Opta, Manchester City is predicted to have a high likelihood of retaining their Premier League championship after securing a 2-0 victory against Nottingham Forest.

Arsenal also contributed to the excitement by narrowly defeating Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 in the North London Derby.

Liverpool, on the other hand, faced a tough challenge as they were held to a 2-2 draw by West Ham over the weekend.

After these games, Opta’s analysis indicates that City now has a 70% probability of clinching the Premier League title, while Arsenal stands at a 30% chance and Liverpool at 0%.

Upcoming matchups include Liverpool hosting Tottenham and Arsenal taking on Bournemouth at the Emirates Stadium.

City is set to face Wolves at the Etihad Stadium in the late Saturday kick-off.

Here is the breakdown of teams’ chances of winning the Premier League title based on xG:

Man City: 70%
Arsenal: 30%
Liverpool: 0%