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RE : UNICROSS Alumni Governing Council Chairman HRM Utsu Felix Okudare Deserves An Apology From ‘Iyali’ Peter For Describing Him As Incompetent Leader



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The attention of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the University of Cross River State (UNICROSS) Alumni Association has been drawn to a malicious social media post by a “concerned alumnus”, referenced above. We would have ignored him for the vituperation, but the post mentioned the Paramount Ruler of Obudu local government and Acting Governing Council Chairman, His Royal Majesty Utsu Felix Okudare, in an inciting manner.

To set the record straight, the NEC’s communique calling for the reconstitution of the governing council did not mention HRM Utsu Felix Okudare’s name nor described him as incompetent leader. Our concern was the council’s decision-making process, inefficiency, and pressure on the university’s resources through frequent meetings.

The council’s frequent sittings and committee meetings are unsustainable, especially considering the university’s struggles to pay staff salaries and legitimate claims. Between February to date, the council has called for three sittings which represent an average of one per month and several council committee meetings No university governing council in Nigeria operates like this.

The NEC is shocked and disappointed by the baseless accusations by the sponsored so-called ‘Concerned Alumnus’. Using the name of the Acting Chairman who is currently defending a suit instituted against him and others by Paul Agwu, the author’s principal and his friends in a Cross River State High Court over alumni related issues (even though he is not a member of the association) to gain traction and recognition is too low and unacceptable.

It is unfortunate that instead of the author to address the issues raised by the patriotic NEC, he resorted to incitement, personal attacks and misinformation. If it were for the claim he made as why the NEC is standing up against the burden of funding an inefficient council, then the NEC would have had no reason to as the President had been formally invited into the governing council as required by the UNICROSS Establishment Law, and paid his entitlement for the sitting he attended.

If the embattled council subsequently decided to shut the doors against alumni for fear of the unknown then any patriotic member of the association should be worried about what the council is doing/hiding that is so scared of the alumni as such, decided to select a ‘cabal’ to meet and call it formal sitting to draw allowances.

It is ironic that the ‘Concerned Alumnus’ is trying to silence the patriotic NEC by invoking the royal status of HRM Utsu Ukudare, when in fact, the leadership is only seeking accountability and transparency in the university’s governance.

We demand an apology for the false accusations and a retraction of the defamatory statement. We will continue advocating for UNICROSS alumni, staff, and students’ rights, better governance, and transparency, without being deterred by baseless attacks. Let us focus on the issues and work towards a better future for our alma mater.

It is essential to note that the NEC’s concerns are not personal but rather centered on the university’s governance and accountability. We will not be bullied or intimidated into silence by baseless attacks and misinformation. We will continue to seek accountability and transparency in the university’s governance.

Njang Ndoma
National Secretary
Unicross Alumni Association