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Rema issues a strong warning against celebrities mimicking his fashion sense



Rebuking his counterparts in the entertainment industry, Nigerian artist Divine Ikubor, also known as Rema, cautioned against imitating his unique fashion style.
Alleging that certain celebrities and their stylists have been contacting clothing brands to replicate his outfits for them, Rema felt compelled to address the issue.

He made it clear that if they persist in copying his style, he will disrupt their performances and even go as far as disrobing them on stage.

In a message posted on his X profile, the singer of ‘Calm Down’ expressed his frustration, stating: “Notify your stylists to refrain from soliciting brands using my name for clothing; otherwise, I will personally intervene at your event and expose you on stage because that aesthetic belongs to me! Faux celebrities, counterfeit industry.”