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The rankings of the 15 most powerful African countries



Recently, the latest report from The World of Statistics revealed the most powerful countries in Africa for the year 2024.

In a release through its X handle on Sunday, The World of Statistics ranked Egypt as the topmost powerful country in Africa.

Subsequently, the following countries were listed in the rankings: South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, and Tunisia.

According to The World of Statistics, the assessment was conducted across four key domains of power: military, economic, political, and cultural influence.

Here is the comprehensive list of the top 15 most powerful countries in Africa for 2024:

1. Egypt
2. South Africa
3. Morocco
4. Algeria
5. Nigeria
6. Tunisia
7. Kenya
8. Ethiopia
9. Tanzania
10. Libya
11. Sudan
12. DR of the Congo
13. Ivory Coast
14. Angola
15. Ghana

Visit the official tweet for more details.