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Tragic Incident in Ekiti: Man Fatally Stabs Wife Amid Allegations of Infidelity



Reports indicate that a man, yet to be identified, has tragically stabbed his wife to death in Ekiti State following allegations of infidelity.

The heartbreaking incident took place over the weekend at Christ Avenue in the Adebayo area of Ado-Ekiti.

According to a resident of the locality, the incident occurred either on Friday evening or Saturday morning as per different sources.

The couple, who have two children, reportedly sent their elder child on an errand before locking themselves inside their apartment and engaging in a violent altercation.

During the confrontation, the man – a law enforcement officer – and his wife – who worked in a chemist shop – resorted to physically harming each other with sharp objects. It remains unclear whether knives or bottles were involved in the altercation.

An eyewitness shared, “They locked themselves inside their residence, accompanied by their younger child who is approximately five years old.

“Allegations of infidelity led the man to confront his wife, triggering a violent clash resulting in the tragic stabbing of the woman.

“Upon intervention attempts by onlookers, they discovered the locked door. Some individuals then accessed the apartment by removing parts of the ceiling to reach the couple inside.

“Upon gaining entry, they found both individuals injured. While the woman was unconscious and rushed to the hospital, regrettably, she passed away prior to reaching the medical facility.”

The source mentioned that the incident has been reported to the authorities, with the man currently undergoing medical treatment in an undisclosed hospital under police surveillance.