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UNICROSS Alumni President, Inyali Peter Reacts to Attempt to Drag His Name into Alumni Battle with the Varsity Governing Council.



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The Alumni President of the University Of Cross River State- UNICROSS, Comrade Inyali Peter has reacted to allegation of his involvement in the battle between the Alumni Association and the University Governing council.

Remember, 24 hours ago, the Alumni called for the dissolution and reconstitution of the governing council, pointing gross incompetence, misappropriation of funds, etc.

Inyali wrote:


On the spurious attempt to drag my name into alumni battle with the governing council, I make bold to state the following for record purposes:

  1. As the President of Alumni, I am an automatic council member, as granted by Article (j) Section 6 of the Third Schedule of the University of Cross River State Establishment Law No. 2 (2020), and not at the discretion of the council, management or anybody.
  2. On emerging president, I was formally invited and attended a council sitting, and my entitlement as a member, settled.
  3. If the council subsequently decided to hold ‘secret’ meetings to exclude the alumni (a decision that’s against the legal advice of the university’s legal adviser) because they feel the president is “too close to government” (whatever that means), then every lover of the university should be worried about what they are doing and why they’re so scared.
  4. The battle for the soul of the university embarked upon by the alumni has nothing to do with the alumni council seat, which is a matter of law and not discretion.
  5. At no point did the NEC describe the Paramount Ruler of Obudu and Acting Governing Council Chairman as an “incompetent leader” as contemplated by the author of a social media post in circulation. The NEC is challenging the council as an institution and not an individual.
  6. The person who owes the Paramount Ruler an apology is Paul Agwu, who had taken him and the Vice Chancellor to court (see the picture attached) over his almost six years of futile efforts to impose himself as President of the Alumni Association.
  7. The Paramount Ruler and Acting Council Chairman (not the council) and the Vice Chancellor (not the management or university) are currently defending themselves in court in the suit instituted by Paul Agwu. The matter will be coming up in court again on the 30th of April 2024. Those in doubt should visit the court to hear for themselves.
  8. Those procured to spew vituperations against my person because of the NEC’s battle with the council should stick to the issues raised in the NEC’s communique, as the battle is not me vs. council but two institutions affiliated with the university who are all critical stakeholders.
  9. If they or anybody feel the council has done so much as against the position of the NEC, they should avail the university community and indeed Cross Riverians of the achievements of the council in at least the last two years.
  10. As President, I am one amongst equals and don’t have the powers to take a unilateral decision or override the decision of the NEC.
  11. Finally, I call on all members of the Alumni Association to remain calm and law-abiding and watch as events unfold.

Inyali Peter, Ph.D.
President, Unicross Alumni
Member, Unicross Governing Council