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UNICROSS: Why We’re Heading to Court, Seeking Reconstitution of Governing Council



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By Barr. Romeo Ojong

Since the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Unicross Alumni Association released a communiqué calling for the dissolution and reconstitution of the university’s governing council, there have been misleading insinuations spread by a few ignorant individuals and a minority within the association who have become tools for some retrogrades in the council. These individuals aim to create confusion within the system.

The alumni association took this bold step not for personal benefits but to save the university from further decline. The battle to save the university’s soul from corrupt individuals who only care about personal gains has been ongoing, and we are determined to stand up against them.

As critical stakeholders and the real owners of the university, we believe it’s our responsibility to ensure the institution’s progress. The university has stagnated, especially in the past two years, due to the ineffective governing council. Despite the institution’s financial struggles, the council continues to waste resources on unnecessary activities, including frequent meetings that yield no meaningful policies or progress.

The current council was not constituted based on capacity, and it’s evident in their lack of achievements. Instead of attracting projects and improving revenue, they focus on personal gains. We’ve had enough of this mismatch and demand a change.

In the past, governing councils and management worked together to attract projects and improve the university. Today, the current council only seeks to exploit the system for personal benefits. We won’t stand idly by while our university suffers.

As patriotic and critical stakeholders, we’ve designed a clear path to take back our university. We’ll seek legal intervention to stop funding the council’s luxurious activities, determine the actual tenure of this council, and demand transparency in their contracts and decisions. This fight is not about individuals but about the system.

Our aspiration is to have a governing council that understands the university system, prioritizes staff welfare, and commands respect. We want a council that can source opportunities for the institution and believes in Governor Otu’s policies for the university. No amount of blackmail will deter us from our stance. We’re determined to save the soul of our university from retrogressive elements.

Ojong, a Lawyer and member of the NEC is the national Legal Adviser of the association.