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Federal Government announce the realignment of Lagos-Calabar coastal highway.



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Minister of Works Dave Umahi disclosed this in Lagos at the 3rd stakeholders meeting of the coastal highway project on May 23, 2024.

He said the F.G is doing away with the proposed new route of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway from km 16 to 25 & reverting to the gazetted alignment to save the telecommunications infrastructure & submarine cables, among others at the axis

“We have three critical infrastructure that are located on one spot. One is the 2Africa submarine cable that cuts across 33 countries connecting about 3 billion people. That cable landed at Mopo & where it landed, the West African cable systems (WACS) had already been located there about 17 years ago

We have a mega IPP which is to provide power to the 2Africa cable & the WACS cable. According to him, “We have fully redesigned section one, which is 47 kilometres & we can say that we’ve done everything possible to put human face by managing the alignment.