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“Why 75th Anniversary Is Dear To Us” – UBA Group DMD, Muyiwa Akinyemi



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The Group Deputy Managing Director (GDMD), Muyiwa Akinyemi has revealed why the 75th anniversary of United Bank for Africa (UBA), the pan-African service financial group operating in 20 countries across the continent, the United Kingdom, France, and the UAE is dear to people at the business place to copy.

“This anniversary is very dear to us here at UBA, as it not only marks our longevity but also signifies our journey from inception as a small corner financial services provider, to becoming the leading financial institution in Africa and beyond” the GDMD disclosed at the global media engagement that opens the curtain on the activities to signpost the celebration of the milestone.

The event was held on Monday, May 20, 2024, at the Lagos, Nigeria corporate headquarters of the financial service group that provides corporate, commercial, SME, and consumer banking services to more than 35 million customers globally.

 “We have exemplified stability, reliability, and excellence in banking, achieving numerous milestones and positively impacting the communities we serve” the GDMD of the bank whose record includes pioneer in introducing mobile banking in Nigeria, the first Nigerian bank to open a branch in the United States of America and London with UBA foundation – incorporated in January 2004 – driving its corporate social responsibility agenda in education, environment, economic empowerment and special projects added.

Highlighting the major ingredients of the bank’s success story, Akinyemi stated ” Our financial strength and resilience has been key to our success, even amidst economic challenges” and buttressed his position with the assertion “Our robust performance, especially in the past year, underscores our sound strategies and operational excellence. I am sure everyone in this room will agree with me that UBA remains an attractive investment opportunity – especially going by the significant interest and activities in our share prices in the last couple of months”.

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On Monday, January 8, 2024, UBA joined the elite group of companies with a market capitalization of over N1trillion.

Providing a glimpse into the future, GDMD Akinyemi revealed that “at UBA, Innovation and digital transformation are at the heart of our future growth. We are committed to offering cutting-edge products and services that enhance customer experience, solidifying our position as a forward-thinking institution”.