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Aregbesola’s Political Group Tells How Well It Is Doing In Drive For Members 



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Aregbesola’s Group Tells How It Is Faring In Official Drive For Members 

Omoluabi Progressives, the political group that has returned Rauf Aregbesol to reckoning has revealed how it is faring in the drive for new members.

The political caucus launched on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, in the face of the takeover of the controls of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State started the official registration of its members on Saturday, June 1, 2024.

“In between Saturday June 1st, 2024 till today, Tuesday June 4th, the volume of good people of Osun and beyond who have trooped in en mass to register with the Omoluabi Progressives either via our website or through the manual process at the Ward level is encouragingly enormous” a statement signed by Abosede Oluwaseun, the organising and publicity secretary of the group disclosed how the registration process is going.

‘We thank those who we started the journey together, we appreciate those who have joined us, we encourage those who will join us to make haste while inviting everybody to join the Omoluabi movement in a bid to make Osun great again and recover the lost glory” the statement with the header “join us” added.

Insisting that “We make no discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, occupation, economic status, and any circumstance of birth, except in adherence to our core values and character.”, the statement dated Wednesday, June 5, 2024 emphasized that “we are open to all people, young and old, rich and poor, educated or otherwise, traders and blue collar, landowners and tenants.”

Aregbesola, a former two-term Governor of Osun state groomed the APC into a formidable political that controlled the government for 12years (three terms of four years each).

An intense supremacy tussle with his successor – and Chief of Staff when he was governor – took control of the APC out of the hands of Aregbesola.

Though he took control of the party from Aregbesola, the Oyetola lost his re-election amid the raging quarrel. 

With his influence vastly diminished, Aregbesola achieved a turn-around with the launch of Omoluabi Progressives which has transformed him the talk of the town in the face of declaration by the group’s ambition to produce the next Governor of Osun state.

He has, however, remained silent on whether he remains a member of the APC or not – in the face of contrary claims.