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Minimum Wage, Strike & National Grid: Politicians Must Stop Misleading the Public



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The recent strike action by labour unions has sparked a wave of misinformation, with politicians falsely claiming that the unions shutdown the national grid. This narrative is not only misleading but also defies logic.

The operators of the national grid, as members of the unions, withdrew their services along with other workers, resulting in a total strike. It is absurd to suggest that the grid would continue to function magically without its operators.

The House of Representatives’ press release yesterday, threatening to hold grid operators accountable for the blackout, contradicts the letters and the spirit of the 4-point agreement signed between the federal government and labour two days ago. This intimidation tactic undermines the negotiation process and ignores the legitimate grievances of the workers.

Politicians should cease spreading misinformation and intimidating workers who exercised their right to strike. Instead, they should focus on finding solutions to the issues that led to the strike.

Now that labour unions have returned to the negotiation table, it is essential to allow the process to continue without threats or coercion, enabling a peaceful resolution. The government must take responsibility for its actions and work towards a mutually beneficial agreement.

-Inyali Peter, Ph.D.