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Claim by Fat Joe: Gay Fanbases Behind Success of Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé



Fat Joe, the American hip-hop veteran, has suggested that the strong support from the LGBT community plays a significant role in the commercial achievements of certain musicians.

Specifically pointing out Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, he stated that their success in the music industry is greatly attributed to their gay fan bases.

During a recent interview with Livebitez, Fat Joe expressed concerns about the increasing influence of the LGBT community in the music scene, particularly within hip-hop.

He commented, “In today’s music industry, we see men who may not necessarily be gay, but they engage in activities like painting their nails or carrying Birkenbags.

“It appears to be a new trend – a fresh style and swag. Painting nails, donning female attire – is this the new norm? And many others follow suit.”

“But you know what’s really bold? Young Thug wearing skirts. It seems more like a passing trend, a fad. Artists think, ‘I’ll embrace this trend to gain visibility and boost record sales.’”

Continuing, he remarked, “Historically, the top-selling artists – let’s be real here. Look at Nicki Minaj…I attended Beyoncé’s concert, which was incredibly enjoyable.

“I had an absolute blast there, but it’s quite apparent. You know it, and that’s the current scenario.”

“Artists are persuaded that the LGBT community strongly supports them, hence mimicking and promoting gay fashion becomes imperative for success.”