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Ebonyi State: Agreement Reached by Ezza South APC Factions to Embrace Peace



The crisis within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State has seen various factions coming together to work towards the party’s interests.

Political officeholders have been divided over control of the ruling party in Ezza South, leading to prolonged factional disputes.

Two major factions emerged – one in support of Senator Kenneth Eze representing Ebonyi Central Zone, and the other backing Mrs. Euphemia Nwali, the local government Chairperson.

In an effort to resolve the ongoing supremacy battle, the state Chairman of APC, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha, called for an emergency peace meeting involving all conflicting groups and their supporters. The meeting was held on Thursday at the party’s state secretariat in Abakaliki, the state capital.

Following a five-hour closed-door discussion, the state Chairman, Stanley Okoro Emegha, addressed the press, emphasizing his intervention in the stakeholders’ dispute as a paternal figure within the party.

In his statement, he expressed concern over internal conflicts and the need for resolution: “There is no father who would witness turmoil within his household and be content. Our party experienced some misunderstandings among its leadership, hence my intervention to address and rectify these issues.”

Senator Kenneth Eze acknowledged the importance of unity and peace among the party members, thanking the party Chairman for his role in resolving the crisis. He likened the meeting to a family gathering where grievances were addressed and amicably resolved.

Also present at the meeting, Mrs. Euphemia Nwali, the Chairman of Ezza South Local Government Area, welcomed the meeting’s outcome and expressed readiness to embrace peace. She praised the state party Chairman for his peacemaking efforts and emphasized the importance of following the party’s decisions for unity and progress.

With a renewed sense of harmony in Ezza South Local Government Area, the leaders and supporters are committed to upholding peace and unity within the party, as advocated by the leadership.