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Explanation for the Withdrawal of Police Officers from Kano Anti-Corruption Commission



The Kano State Police Command has clarified the reasons behind the recent withdrawal of police officers from the state anti-corruption commission.

In a statement by Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, the police spokesperson, it was mentioned that the withdrawal was due to an ongoing routine staff audit being conducted by the Command.

This move aims to audit the number of police officers seconded to the Commission since 2015 and to review their roles and reporting structure within the commission.

According to the statement, this audit was triggered by reports received through the Command’s Complaint Response Unit (CRU) regarding alleged misconduct and deviations from the officers’ designated duties at the commission.

The public is informed that this staff audit is meant to address the reported complaints and rectify any operational irregularities observed, ensuring that officers perform their duties as originally assigned without overstepping their mandate.

The ultimate goal of this exercise is to enhance service delivery by the police officers, maintaining professionalism and preventing any misuse of authority in serving the public interest.

Similar audits have been conducted in the past since the establishment of the Commission in 2015, with officers returning to their duties post-audit.

The statement also revealed the Inspector-General of Police’s directive to reinstate officers who have completed the audit process back to their guard duties at the Commission’s office immediately.

The Command emphasized that any additional need for police officers by the Commission beyond the approved mandate should be formally requested, enabling the deployment of skilled officers trained in investigations and prosecution following due approval by the IGP.