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Fireboy Shares Emotional Experience of Being Overlooked by Audience During a Show



One incident that deeply affected Nigerian artist Fireboy DML was when he left a performance in tears after the audience failed to acknowledge his presence.

Reflecting on this challenging moment from his early days as a struggling musician, Fireboy recalled the lack of recognition he faced at the event.

In an interview with Billboard News, the ‘Peru’ singer emphasized that every rising artist encounters obstacles on their journey.

He expressed, “Emerging artists always face numerous challenges.”

Fireboy shared, “At one show, I was on stage, but it seemed like no one noticed me. Everyone was just caught up in the music and dancing.

“The DJ was doing his thing, and I felt invisible. I left the stage feeling disheartened, and on my way back to the car with a friend, I couldn’t hold back my tears.

“It was a moment of realization for me. I vowed never to seek validation until I truly believe I have earned it.”