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Israeli Airstrike Results in Death of Two Members of Islamiya Group in Lebanon



Israel conducted an airstrike in the Beqaa region of Lebanon, resulting in the deaths of two individuals associated with a Lebanese group that had previously launched rockets into Israel.

The Israeli military announced that it had targeted and eliminated Mosab Khalaf in the Meidoun area of Lebanon. According to the military, Khalaf was affiliated with the Jama’a Islamiya group and had carried out attacks against Israel.

In response to the incident, the Jama’a Islamiya released a statement confirming the deaths of two of their field commanders, Khalaf and a relative. Reuters reported that Khalaf served as a local official in the group’s armed wing, the Fajr forces, which has a history of launching rockets at Israel.

This marked the first time that Israel acknowledged targeting a member of the Jama’a Islamiya in Lebanon. However, multiple members of the group have previously been killed in airstrikes in Lebanon, including individuals associated with the Palestinian faction Hamas.

Following an attack by Hamas on Israel in October, which resulted in casualties and hostages, Israel launched a military campaign in the Gaza Strip resulting in significant Palestinian fatalities.