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King Charles III to resume official duties next week following cancer treatment



After a hiatus of three months dedicated to his treatment and recovery, King Charles III of Britain will return to his public responsibilities starting next week.

The monarch was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer some time ago and has been undergoing medical assistance since then.

Buckingham Palace officially announced that the King is scheduled to visit a cancer treatment facility next Tuesday, which marks the beginning of a series of forthcoming public appearances.

As per the palace, one of his initial significant commitments will be to host a state visit from the emperor and empress of Japan in June.

While the palace refrained from divulging specifics about the King’s treatment, they emphasized that his healthcare team is “highly optimistic about the progress achieved thus far and is confident about the King’s ongoing recuperation.”

Despite his diagnosis being disclosed on February 5, Charles diligently carried out his state responsibilities, which included scrutinizing government papers and holding discussions with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

“Approaching the first anniversary of his coronation, the King and Queen express profound appreciation for the numerous acts of kindness and well wishes they have received from all corners of the globe during the highs and lows of this past year,” the palace stated.

The return of King Charles III will alleviate the pressure on other members of the royal family, who had to bear the burden during his absence coupled with that of the Princess of Wales, who was also away due to her illness. The absence of key figures has underscored the tribulations faced by a reduced royal household.