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Ohanaeze Peace: lsiguzoro Calls for Implementing Bishops’ Report



In a statement released on Saturday, Mazi Okechukwu lsiguzoro, the Factional Secretary-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, emphasized the importance of reviewing the findings and recommendations presented by the College of lgbo Bishops to promote lasting peace within the organization.

Responding to Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu’s misleading claims, lsiguzoro stressed the need to clarify the facts for future reference and address challenges with courage and wisdom.

The ongoing crisis within Ohanaeze has not gone unnoticed by the Southeast Governors since February 2021, recognizing the urgency of resolving internal conflicts for the benefit of Ndigbo.

The intervention of the College of Bishops, led by Archbishop Emeritus His Grace AV. Obinna and Archbishop Most Rev Dr. Chibuzo Opoko, sought to restore peace within Ohanaeze following the passing of George Obiozor in Enugu State on January 31, 2023.

Highlighting the constitutional irregularities in Chief Iwuanyanwu’s ascension, lsiguzoro pointed out that adherence to the constitutional requirements is vital to convene a unified Imeobi and General Assembly.

With the impending transfer of leadership from Imo State to Rivers State in 2025, lsiguzoro warned against factionalism and emphasized the need for a review of the bishops’ recommendations to prevent a prolonged crisis.

Resistance to reconciliation efforts from Iwuanyanwu’s faction, driven by hidden political motives, indicates a divergence in interests that could disrupt the peaceful transition of leadership.

Any attempts to prolong tenures or manipulate protocols for personal gain will face strong resistance, with Igbo organizations ready to seek legal recourse if necessary to uphold democratic principles.

Ohanaeze underscores the significance of unity and inclusivity, striving to bridge cultural divides and promote a harmonious future through the implementation of the College of Igbo Bishop reports.

Embracing a spirit of conciliation, all stakeholders, including Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, are encouraged to cooperate for a peaceful leadership transition from Imo State to Rivers State.

As the organization prepares for the upcoming election, it presents a unique opportunity to address historical conflicts and strengthen the bond of Ndigbo, emphasizing the importance of collective welfare over individual agendas.

Ohanaeze reaffirms its commitment to democracy, transparency, and unity, advocating for a peaceful resolution guided by the principles outlined in the Bishops’ report for a stronger and more cohesive Ohanaeze Ndigbo.