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Tacha Shares Her Preference for South African Men Over Nigerian Men



The well-known reality TV personality, Natacha Anita Akide, commonly known as Tacha, has expressed her frustration with Nigerian men, stating that they treat Nigerian women unfairly.

During an episode of her Big Friday Show on Cool FM in Lagos, Tacha revealed her interest in South African men, indicating a shift in her dating preferences.

While interviewing her guest, Yvonne Godwin, who is in a relationship with another reality star from South Africa, Juicy Jay, Tacha inquired about the experience of dating a South African man.

Tacha remarked, “I’m considering South Africans now because Nigerian men are causing us so much stress. What’s it like dating a South African man?”

In response, Yvonne praised her relationship with Juicy Jay, highlighting his efforts to embrace Nigerian culture and his caring and attentive nature.

According to Yvonne, Juicy Jay stands out for his willingness to understand her, his interest in Nigerian customs, and his deep affection for her.