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Aregbesola’s Group Extends Hand Of Friendship To Other Parties In Osun



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Omoluabi Progressives, the political group founded by former Governor Rauf Aregbesola has extended hands of friendship to other stakeholders in Osun state in its bid to produce the next Governor.

Aregbesola who is the grand patron, formed the group in the face of an intense supremacy tussle within the mainstream All Progressives Congress (APC)  that was earning his followers severe sanctions including expulsion from the party in Osun state.

Described as a body of genuine foundation members of the APC in Osun state, the group which houses loyalists of Aregbesola and those who share their sentiments continues to engage in an intensive – and comprehensive – campaign across Osun state to swell its ranks as part of the larger agenda of producing the next Governor of the state in 2026. 

After setting up coordinators and a management committee in a move that has entrenched it on the political landscape of Osun state, the group is offering a hand of friendship to other parties in the state towards securing collaboration.

“We are open to everyone and anyone that is ready to share in our vision. Our leader, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is a man that preaches and acts responsibly in leadership and governance. It is also important to be tolerant of one another and have spirit of forgiveness “

Azeez Adesiji

“People of like minds who are disciplined and full of integrity are open to join us. We have members and functioning structures throughout the state. We are more than convinced that with commitment to mobilization and transparency, we will get there. We need to be united than ever.”  Azeez Adesiji, the chairman of the Omoluab Progressives declared in Ife Federal Constituency during an ongoing tour according to a statement made available by the group.

Providing background for the move, Adesiji pointed out that “The APC lost the last election in Osun because of intolerance and unforgiving spirit of its leaders. That is why we are returning to our roots, seeking the cause of progressive change through engagement with our people at the grassroots, as well as, opening our doors for conflict resolution anytime they are grievances. My phone number is always available and office is open for all complaints from members towards ensuring that issues are resolved with immediate effect, lack of conflict resolution ability was the reason why APC lost the last Gubernatorial contest in Osun in the last electoral contest.”

Gboyega Oyetola, the Minister for Marine and Blue Economy lost the election as the APC candidate in the bid to retain his seat as the Governor.

The information available revealed that although there are ongoing efforts, the members of the Aregbesola-led Omoluabi progressives and those of the mainstream APC with Minister Oyetola and his co-travelers including former deputy governor Iyiola Omosore as leaders are yet to be reconciled.