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Pricing Concerns from South-East Electricity Consumers: Strong Demand for Prepaid Meters



Expressing dissatisfaction, the South-East Electricity Consumers Association (SEECA) has criticized the recent 300% tariff hike announced by the Federal Government.

Consumers advocate for the mandatory installation of prepaid meters in every household and business premises prior to the introduction of the new tariff structure.

In a statement issued following a gathering of electricity consumers in the South-East, Rev. Okechukwu Christopher Obioha and Mr Ogubuike Ibeagi, the Chairman and Secretary of the association, respectively, highlighted these demands.

The association collectively agreed that going forward, no electricity consumer serviced by the EEDC should bear the cost of acquiring a prepaid meter.

Emphasizing the ownership of meters by EEDC, they stressed that under the law, it is obligatory for the meters to be provided to consumers at no charge.

Furthermore, they stipulated that individuals or communities should not purchase or install transformers for their power needs without prior agreements and memorandums of understanding with the EEDC or Geometrics. If unavoidable, any expenses related to transformer procurement should be factored into the energy consumption costs of involved consumers by the DisCo.

An obligation was placed on EEDC to issue a minimum of two weeks’ notice post bill delivery for estimated energy consumption charges before disconnecting supply.

SEECA also underscored the immediate cessation of estimated billing practices and insisted on the issuance of prepaid meters to all consumers. Failure to comply would result in no disconnection of consumers’ electricity supply.

Expressing disappointment over the government’s tariff increment, the association strongly reiterated their call for the installation of prepaid meters across all households and businesses prior to the implementation of any revised pricing policy.