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The Importance of Mentorship for Women Entrepreneurs




Effective leadership and mentorship are essential factors that drive the success of women entrepreneurs, as highlighted by the Champions Women Entrepreneurs Mentoring Association.

During a recent capacity-building workshop for women entrepreneurs held in Lagos, the association emphasized the significance of networking platforms and opportunities.

Angela Ajala, the National Coordinator of the Association of Nigerian Women Business Network, underscored the role of networking in providing entrepreneurs with access to training, resources, knowledge, and skills.

In his remarks, Noruwa Edokpolor, a certified expert in organisation development, pointed out that leadership skills encompass the ability to inspire, influence, and guide individuals and teams towards a common goal, requiring qualities like vision, integrity, empathy, and decisiveness for organizational success.

He also emphasized the importance of overcoming barriers to personal development.

Furthermore, Olakitan Wellington, the President of CWEMA, discussed how the workshop themed ‘Female Entrepreneurs in An Emerging Economy’ aimed to equip potential female entrepreneurs with strategies to navigate business challenges.

Wellington, who also serves as the national secretary of the Association of Nigerian Women Business Network, stated, “The capacity-building workshop is a valuable resource for the business community to promote investment, stimulate business activities, and foster economic growth for women, addressing the significant challenges faced by business and professional women that hinder their growth and sustainability.”