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Encouragement for Women to Embrace IT Opportunities by Sanwo-Olu



Ibijoke Sanwo Olu

Women are urged by Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, the wife of the Lagos State Governor, to embrace technology and digital skills to harness their potential.

She emphasized the importance of technology in providing equal opportunities for women in the digital space.

Speaking at the launch of the South-West Huawei Renewed Hope Initiative Women in Tech Training while representing the wife of the President, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, Ibijoke highlighted the initiative’s goal of empowering women entrepreneurs with essential tech and digital skills for economic growth and development.

At the kick-off event at the University of Lagos, Sanwo-Olu stated, “The Huawei Women in Tech Digital Training programme goes beyond workshops; it signifies the government’s determination to bridge the gender gap in the digital realm.”

She emphasized the necessity of equipping women with tools and knowledge to compete effectively in the technology industry.

Sanwo-Olu underscored the partnership with HUAWEI and its alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 5, which promotes gender equality and women’s involvement in decision-making processes.

She highlighted the diverse benefits of technology, including increased efficiency, facilitation of innovation, and enhancement of quality of life. Additionally, she noted its role in driving economic growth and tackling global challenges in various sectors.

In March, the United Nations showcased several technological innovations by young individuals that promoted gender equality and women’s empowerment in Nigeria.

During the International Women’s Month celebration themed ‘DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality’ in Abuja, the UN Women Country Representative to Nigeria, Beatrice Eyong, highlighted the significant gender gap in employment and education within Nigeria’s technological sector, with women representing just 22% of the total engineering and technology university graduates annually.