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Kaduna’s IGR and Infrastructure Will Be Transformed Through Tourism, Says Expert



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An expert in tourism, Dr. Tobi Bernard Thomas from Kaduna, believes that by focusing on the tourism sector, Kaduna State’s internally generated revenue can experience a significant boost.

As a key player in the hospitality industry, Thomas emphasized that revenue generated from tourism has the potential to not only enhance the state’s infrastructure but also sustain the monthly salary payments for the state workforce.

Thomas made these assertions in response to Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani’s concerns about the substantial debt burden inherited from the previous administration.

During a press conference in Kaduna on Monday, Thomas assured that with effective coordination within the tourism sector, the state could effectively manage its debts, payroll, and infrastructure development projects.

Arewa PUNCH reported Governor Sani’s remark that a significant portion of the N10 billion received as federal allocation, specifically N7 billion, is allocated to servicing the inherited debt from former governor Malam Nasir El-Rufai’s administration.

Sani highlighted the financial strain by mentioning the insufficient funds remaining for the monthly payment of state workers’ salaries.

The governor underscored that his administration was burdened with a colossal debt of $587 million, N85 billion Naira, and 115 contractual liabilities from the previous administration.

In contrast, Dr. Thomas, serving as the Kaduna State Coordinator of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria, suggested that despite these challenges, the government could harness the tourism potential to reduce poverty and enhance the living standards of the populace.

Speaking at the conference, the expert emphasized, “Tourism serves as a viable source of income, offering training opportunities, job creation, and boosting sales markets for local services and products.”

“The economic benefits of tourism are extensive, ranging from revenue generation and foreign exchange to the creation of new business opportunities that capitalize on tourism income and local supply chains.”

Dr. Thomas recommended that the Kaduna State government adopt a more innovative approach by prioritizing the tourism sector on par with other industries in the state.