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UNICROSS Alumni: National Legal Adviser blasts Paul Agwu.



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“Paul Agwu: The Attention Seeking Desperado And His Delusional Friends Are At It Again

The attention of the National Executive Council ( NEC) of University of Cross River State Alumni Association has been drawn to another vituperation with the title: “Sponsors Of Inyali Peter And Committee Of Friends Must Stop Insulting UNICROSS” by the forgotten group of rebels led by Paul Agwu within the association. In the diatribe, authored by an unknown fellow; Eyo Abia, the delusional group attacked the National President of the association, Dr. Inyali Peter and the National Legal Adviser, Barr. Romeo Ojong over the recent Freedom of Information (FIO) request submitted to the governing council of the university and in their desperate move to seek recognition and favour from wasteful outgoing governing council, painted a picture that, even their sponsors does not truth or the ineffective council.

Despite the initial resolve to continuously ignore this group as it’s actually the best response for their characters and personalities, it became necessary to react to set the records straight.

We are aware that this gang of desperados and impostors who have been junketing from one person, office and court to another since 2019 seeking help and validation to grasp the leadership of the association by all means, have made themselves a willing tool in the hands of the outgoing council to use for image laundry. But in all their paid incoherent diatribe, they have failed to mention at least, one achievement of this council in the last two years. What a shame!

When you consider that the governing council chairman and the Vice Chancellor are currently in court defending themselves in a suit instituted by these delusional fellows who now praise them, you wonder the kind of characters that wanted to be entrusted with the leadership of the association. For those of us who know them, their hypocrisy and tendencies to approbate and reprobate at the same time can’t suprise us again. For them, anything goes provided they’re promised support to grasp power by all means. We had this option that they’re excitedly disgracing themselves for but decided to follow the honourable one which is to put the university interest above our personal and collective interests as NEC.

Procured by some members of council to bully, blackmail and intimidate the NEC into silence over its patriotic move to hold the governing council to account, their gibberish lacks any substance, therefore, we will not expend energy to reproduce same here. But we want to state categorically that no amount of blackmail will deter us (NEC) from doing what we know is right to rescue the university from total collapse.

The NEC is led by an unapologetic supporter of Governor Bassey Otu whom the Governor himself can vouch for his character. Therefore, no amount of blackmail against him or image washing about the support of the ineffective council for His Excellency will mislead the Governor and Visitor to the University to think otherwise of him or the NEC which he has continually declared his support for from the first day the President assumed office.

Both the attention-seeking group and their drowning sponsors in council don’t have what it takes to mislead the “People’s First” Governor. Luck has ran out of their side because the days where they can blackmail their way to government house are far gone. His Excellency and his government are believers in the leadership of the association because the President is one of his own and product of the Sweet Prince School of Thought.

This group of people who lied in December that the 50 10kg bags of rice that the NEC donated to its members working in the institution was given to NEC by the Governor for management and council cannot be trusted for anything.

Besides, by now, Paul Agwu and co-travelers should know that the association has grown beyond their borders. The days where alumni is treated as a second class member in council or by any authority in the university is over. No amount of WhatsApp cry from them will ever drag the association back to a level where people without character who don’t understand what an alumni association is all about like them would derail the association. We encourage them to accept reality and move on.

It is very unfortunate that recognition- seeking and desperate Paul Agwu who in 2019, failed in his bid to become President and decided to adopt the unholy path of destroying the association, has still not learned. If the majority members of the association feel that with the quality of graduates the university has produced, they can’t send him now to lead them as President, Paul should accept his fate and move on to other things instead of wanting to cause all kinds of distraction.

In 2020, through the instrumentality of some powerful people in government, Paul, after failing the election started arresting prominent members of the association who did not support him to try to impose him. As this plot failed, he rushed to the court to challenge the election but after waiting for almost two years without result, his desperation could not allow him to wait for the court to decide. He rushed again to organise a parallel election thinking that because he had some people in government, management and council, he would just walk into the leadership of the association through the backdoor. After he was rejected by all , he came again in 2023, begging that he should be “appointed” President. On failing to persuade people to accept him, he returned to court but this time, he decided to include the Vice Chancellor and the governing council Chairman whom he now professes love for through proxies. Who is he and his gand trying to deceive, exactly?

We urge Paul Agwu to wait for the court to decide on his case and stop dabbling into issues that are way beyond him. If the NEC is calling for the dissolution of the governing council, it’s doing so with all sense of responsibility because it has a member in council. Paul and his desperate friends know nothing about governing council business because he has never been a member and no amount of sycophancy for the outgoing governing council will change his status as a serial failure who attempted to destroy the association because majority of the members simply don’t find him worthy enough to lead as President.

We appeal to patriotic members of the association and indeed the general public to ignore the balderdash by Paul Agwu and his drowning team about the national legal adviser, the patriotic and bold efforts of the NEC to hold those entrusted with the governing of the university to account and any other diatribe from them. Paul and his team who see themselves as “baby” of the management and governing council should wait for the court to decide on their matter, until then, they’re nothing but meddlesome interloper in council matters.

We will not end this reply without advising Mr. “Desperado” Paul Agwu to move on. There’s still another opportunity to be alumni president if he improves himself enough to convince members of the association to vote him. It must not be now. He should stop embarrassing himself like he reportedly did recently when he went with one of the governing council members sponsoring him and his friends to impersonate the national President to a top government official but was walked out shamelessly.

Under the current leadership, the NEC is working to restore the dignity of the association and no amount of distraction shall stop us. Let Paul watch us do what the majority of members believe he lacks the capacity to do.

NOTE: Except when it is very necessary, we may not be giving relevance and attention to this group of delusional folks again whose only objective is to distract us”.

Romeo Ojong, Esq.
National Legal Adviser
Unicross Alumni.